Here we answer the most important questions regarding dxp.


How long does the installation of dxp take?


About 5 minutes! dxp is supplied fully pre-installed. You simply connect the components with the supplied cables, connect power and network and immediately dxp is fully ready for use. You can now archive your files.

How safe is dxp?

Our system is optimally protected against unauthorized access, eavesdropping, viruses etc..
Access to the data is allowed only after registering and only via a browser request. User passwords are not sent. The communication between the devices themselves, the mydxp network, as well as the updates take place exclusively through encrypted SSH tunnel. Our backup hard drives are individually encrypted. Decryption takes place only when necessary and only with your individual dxp box.

Can I read the data on the backup hard drive without my dxp?

Yes, you can. Each owner of a system receives an individual emergency key for each backup disk.

How to become a partner of dxp?

If you are interested to become an office technology dealer or system integrator for documentXpath, please use our "contact us" form.

How much does dxp cost?


We offer our system in different versions, depending on your individual needs, it can be purchased or leased. Here you will find our price list.

Where can I buy my new filing cabinet?

Our system is available at office technology retailers also in your environment. Find your local retailer on our retailer page.

How can I order my new filing cabinet right now?


Here you can download our order form.