documentXpath for Brother devices

for only EUR 1.990,- excl. VAT - unlimited number of users


Here is the new and revolutionary archive accessory for all BSI compatible Brother MFCs and Scanners


the dxp box

  • the dxp box at the size of a 3.5 inch device

  • connected to the Brother device via BSI (Brother Solution Interface)

the archive box

  • is completely pre-installed 
  • only needs to be connected to grid

  • and to the local network

availability of archive data

  • every computer in your network with
  • any internet browser (MS Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.)
  • can be used as a dxp workstation

the Brother device

  • is connected to the box via BSI

  • Individual Scan profiles can be selected directly on the colour touchscreen display of the device

the documents

  • are provided on the dxp box right after scanning

  • they are available just in time by full-text search

  • all documents are stored on the dxp box fully

  • compliant to auditing requirements

  • the capacity of the smallest box is 500GB,

  • which is more than 2 million pages (b/w) in pdf format

You have a worldwide and encrypted access to the dxp box (optional). All documents are backup save, as the

box is located in the office of it's owner. This means that you share the advantages of a cloud system without storing your sensible data outside and without risking a spy-out attack.

Other individual solutions e.g. a documentXpath network are possible.

Please find here a list of all certified Brother devices.